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Web video is seeing massive growth. Watching video online has gone from a niche activity to mainstream. With new devices, video everywhere has become a reality. From a business point of view video has become one of the most powerful marketing tools to drive traffic to your website and boost your sales. And with us producing a professional video is very easy, cost effective and fun.




Yes. If your business does not have a video, you are already behind the competition. Who are you? What do you do? How do you do it? These are critical questions that your website needs to answer quickly and effectively. Our corporate profile videos do just that, allowing you to deliver your best pitch every time.



With us it's a walk in the park. Each video project is different, so get in touch with us and tell us a little bit more about your ideas. We then provide you with a short proposal and a quote - at no obligation of course! If you wish to move ahead, the process is simple. Our staff will guide you through each step of the production and ensure you are totally satisfied. Usually there is minimal preparation and interruption to your business on the day of the shoot. We will arrive at the scheduled time and place and guide you through the process. Relax, it will be fun!



There are many types of videos and different ways to produce them. For businesses it's easiest to choose one or a combination of the following:

A profile video is the most common corporate video we produce. It gives an authentic and engaging introduction of who you are, what you sell, or what you do. The "soft sell" style of video persuades and promotes viewers in a personal way with unscripted interviews from company representatives. Whether it's a business, product, or service - a profile video will both inform and entertain.

A testimonial video establishes and demonstrates credibility through endorsement. Unscripted first-hand accounts of a positive experience position a business, product, or service as dependable and trustworthy. Let your customers sell for you. Video testimonials are perceived as genuine, believable, and more authentic than text alone. 

A news video is perfect for focusing on a company announcement, product, service, special event, large-scale exhibition/trade show or political event. Video News Releases are strong public relations tools that spark media attention. 

How-to videos enable customers to get the best from your product or service by literally showing them how to use it. Suitable for basic and more complex topics, your video should break down a process into more manageable stages. Viewers can follow the video at their own pace in the comfort of their own home and revisit sections they may find challenging.

If you’re completely camera shy or have a product offering that just doesn’t lend itself easily to visual media, our animated motion graphics videos can provide your business with an easy, affordable, high quality online video solution. Send us your logo, talk to our staff about your products and services, and we’ll quickly produce a stunning custom animation around your business.



We here at TREETOP MEDIA have a great deal of experience in the business and communication world and we know how to make your video a success. We offer all aspects of video productions, from conceptionscript writing and casting through to filmingeditingvoice over in any language, motion graphics and web encoding. With many years of international experience you can expect high quality videos that maintain the integrity of your brand and drive your message home. Let us take your business to the next level with a Professional Video Production. Get in touch now!


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