>>What started out small has continuously grown<<

By providing ongoing service for both German and New Zealand businesses and corporations we also have become a valuable partner for translation services.

At TREETOP MEDIA we now have certified translators and proofreaders in the team. We specialize in the translation of websites, contracts, exposés, filmscripts, sub-titles and can also conduct the entire correspondence between the English speaking company and German speaking business partners if required.

However, we are happy to take on any size of translation that is required – both from English to German and German to English. As we have the expertise in both the TV production and Editorial sectors, we ensure that any translations are not just word for word translated, but the true essence of the subject is also captured. If required, we can also arrange translations into other languages such as French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. 


“We have been using the services of Treetop Media Ltd. for the last couple of years and are very impressed with their professional approach to business. They are honest and trustworthy people, very committed and extremely reliable. Treetop Media is a great example of prompt service and precise work.”
Peter Hahn
Director of Hahn & Associates Ltd.
New Zealand

“Treetop Media translated our Bed & Breakfast database from English to German and French perfectly. Their service was prompt and efficient, and Gunnar and Anja were a delight to work with.”
Jim Thomas
The New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Book
Moonshine Press